Thursday, December 29, 2005

My First Offering

Okay, so I was thinking today, what if I actually post some of the stuff I created since that was the original purpose of this blog. Even though I know you've been curious to know what superhero I'm most like today, you'll have to sooth your curiosity with only this. Here's something that's almost finished. I say almost because you can still see the gridlines, but I like the way its turned out so far. I'm actually afraid to do anything else to it, even remove the gridlines because I don't want to mess it up. Feel free to leave comments, just remember I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my sh*t. More tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Maybe this will least the last three :-)

Your New Year's Resolutions

1) Get a pet wallaby

2) Eat less onions

3) Travel to Argentina

4) Study urban anthropology

5) Get in shape with naked yoga

And I didn't even know...

Your Inner Child Is Sad

You're a very sensitive soul.

You haven't grown that thick skin that most adults have.

Easily hurt, you tend to retreat to your comfort zone.

You don't let many people in - unless you've trusted them for a long time.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Okay now I'm a junkie.

Your results:
You are Supergirl
The Flash
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Iron Man
Lean, muscular and feminine.
Honest and a defender of the innocent.
Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

Really the only one for today. I promise! But I kick ass! This says so, it must be true.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Procrastination...we suck again!

Why am I procrastinating with work by doing these online quizzes? Okay so first I was surfing art blogs and then by chance, one of the lists the results to a cool quiz. I took the "What kind of boots are you?" "What kind of hat are you?""Are you uptown or downtown?" They all pretty much confirmed what I already knew...yeah I'm bad. With that said here are the results from the last quiz I will take today. I swear.

You Are An Iris

You are a unique woman who needs a lot of novelty in her life.

An inspiration seeker, you often have to change scenery to recharge.

You don't deal well with structure or rules. You need to do it your own way.

Your ideal relationships are free and flowing. No one can tie you down.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Creativity abounds once again!

Ok, I know I'm supposed to be journaling everyday. I've realized, maybe I've said this before , I don't know, but the battle for me is not in being creative, but in being authentic. So many things have happened in this past month since I've last written, but I'd rather let it swirl around in my head than have it be a contribution. So the first thing is that one of my first milestones, my sister-in-laws baby shower has passed and I can faithfully say that I and other people were present to creativity. I had a huge argument with my husband that day, but I'm clear that being my distinction was what had me get through the day. I had fun picking out decorations and helping with the scheme of the party. I had a great conversation with a woman in the midst of a career change, and even helped a stray cat find a home in the process. I had no idea how having five people in conversations about new careers had anything to do with Creativity, but amazingly I see it showing up. My long time friend and hair dresser talked to me today about her soon to be career change, and asked about coming to Weekend #4 for the course. I had not even contemplated asking her to come, but she was excited about the possibility of it! I had brunch with some friends Sunday morning and one of my friends Allison, talked about becoming an artist full time, and my friend Kathleen talked about whether she was passionate enough about this project she's working on. My third friend Valerie, switched careers at the beginning of the summer and was also talking about the challenges she is facing. I must admit I've been jealous of my friends who have been making progress, because I was feeling left behind. But when I considered that I am a network of conversations, I got really excited. I've been more authentic since this initiative began, more willing to share myself, my triumphs, and my dramas with others, but in a way that doesn't suck them in, but leaves us all bigger. I turned 30 last Thursday September 1, and I am excited to be a woman...What I remember of my twenties is frustration, aggravation, sadness, depression, loneliness, and desperation. And at the same time I felt elation, possibility, love, and community. I am happily moving into more of myself and am present to what I have to give away. I finally found a welding class and started it on Tuesday, and I started a Travel Writing class which I am hugely excited about on Wednesday. Who says I'm not moving as well? Not many anonymous good deeds, but I'm going to keep looking and writing reminders for myself in my car and on my computer. All really is well.


BTW this is NOT my picture but a cool one I found for my "good little girl" collage on the web. I could not find the artist's name, but if you know who it is...let me know.

Friday, August 05, 2005

What day are we on?

Ok...So I haven't posted anything since earlier in the week. I have been noticing creativity in my originating circle though, mainly with my participants. I've noticed Alicia and Samuel developing their own creativity and taking on creative projects. I'm also present to the artists around me and in my community. There's Pat Fiorello in my Commitment Seminar and Liz Sully in the Sunday homework group, both artists who discovered their art careers after having other careers. Also I'm seeing more ways in which I have to contribute to those around me, although I can't say I've been stepping into those opportunities. Also I notice I'm afraid to be authentically creative with my sister-in-law and in my upcoming field surveys for work, I'm looking at creativity as something to be taken on in my "spare" time. I haven't done any anonymous deeds. But I will look for something to do today. That's all for now.


Creativity--My Distinction

Ok, so I finally decided to get over myself and start this thing. Inspired by Samuel, I decided to keep my journal online. I am taking several Landmark courses, Partnership Explorations and am coaching Wisdom unlimited both of which require me to keep a journal. Not to mention that I've been trying to "keep" one on and off for years. I stop for months at a time and get inspired, write for a few weeks, and then follow that with months of inactivity. Which pretty much describes my life. Getting excited and in action and laying dormant for months at a time waiting to get inspired again. This online journal is a document of my creative path, the path towards designing a life that makes my heart sing.
So I've been noticing spiders all over the place the last few days. All around my house, at my mailbox, in my garage. I decided to look them up in my book Animal Speak and here's what I found: It's keynote is creativity and the weaving of fate. "Spider reminds us to awaken our own sensibilities to be more creative in life". My chosen distinction is Creativity, a distinction being that thing that is natural for you that you could give away to your community. Only my closest friends and family know me as creative, since I am reluctant to share my creativity with anyone I think might judge it too harshly. So picking creativity as my distinction is a way of getting present to who I am and what I have to give away to the world. I am noticing how much I am creativity and this spider passage is another affirmation for me. "Spider teaches you to maintain a balance--between past and future, physical and spiritual, male and female. Spider teaches you that everything you now do is weaving what you will encounter in the future." I had been feeling like I was spinning my wheels...hoping and praying for a more creative life, but stuck in a life that I lived by default. But coaching the Wisdom course, I'm present to the conversations I'm having in my communities and the conversations of creativity are more and more present. A new friend of mind shared with me her journey towards becoming a professional artist. It didn't happen overnight and I am suddenly beginning to see that I have been slowly preparing myself for this.

"The spider awakens creative sensibilities...The spider found within the web reminds us that we are the center of our own world. The ancient mystery schools had one precept inscribed above their portals: 'Know thyself and Thou Shalt Know the Universe!' Spider reminds us that the world is woven around us. We are the keepers and the writers of our own destiny, weaving it is like a web by our thoughts, feelings, and actions."

Finally, the spider is associated with three predominant expressions of magic. The first is the magic and energy of creation, the second the assertiveness of that creative force, of keeping the feminine energies of creation alive and strong, third, its spiral energy, links with the past and future. Spider is the guardian of ancient languages and alphabets. It is associated with death and rebirth (a favorite theme of mine). If spider has come into your life ask yourself: Are you not weaving your dreams and imaginings into reality? Are you not using your creative opportunities? Are you feeling closed in or stuck as if in a web? Do you need to pay attention to your balance and where you are walking in life? Are others out of balance around you? Do you need to write? (Ahem) Are you inspired to write or draw and not following through? (She has great intentions, but no follow through) Remember that spider is the keeper of knowledge of the primordial alphabet. Spider can teach how to use the written language with power and creativity so that words weave a web around those who would read them.

So the journey begins....