Thursday, December 14, 2006

See I told you...

A very special person surprised me with these. A bright spot of my day everytime I look at them.

Braving my desk

Editing pictures. Wow I lead a very solitary life it seems. I really do know people, I swear.

Back at the office.

And the reason I'm working on the futon. A work in progress and almost complete.

Panini's...need I say more?

Coffee break

One of the perks of working from home...the flexible schedule. Just finished picking up my friend from the airport and decided to stop for a chai @ Inman Perk.

Yes I'm working.

So this is proof. I actually am getting some work done. Me on my futon, filling out paperwork to submit the lab samples. And a little something to eat.

Fw: Napping is fundamental

Oh how I love naps in the middle of the day. At home I'm working and Pharoah goes from one basket to the other trying to get comfortable. This is pretty early though so he's rubbing in the fact that I can't go back to sleep just yet.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Not more hour.

My friend and I decided to do an experiment this week and take pictures at least once an hour. A noble experiment I say. Needless to say this is my first of the day. I wanted you to get the full effect of my waking up state. Lately it seems I greet the day more or less this way

More airport photos

Checking out the moblie blogging thing...

So this is the beautiful sunset in Omaha, Nebraska...What were you doing in Omaha you say? Not the expected place for funkyurbanchick to be? Well I was ending a long and cold working week. Glad to be going home and glad to be kissed goodbye by the sunset.